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The Greater Nashua Parents of Twins & More
group offers support and advice
on raising multiples.

Founded in 1973, we are a
unique non-profit organization,
in that members share the bond
of raising multiple birth children.
We offer an understanding of
child development that relates
especially to multiples and their
siblings through the interchange
of information among parents,
educators, and medical professionals.

Being a parent of multiples is something
that only another parent of multiples
can understand.

Our club provides its members with:

helpful and practical advice
social activities
lasting friendships

...and so much more!

Please join us!

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A Registered 501(c)(3)
Nonprofit Organization
helping area parents of multiples
and the community.

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Member of both:
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(also known as the
National Organization
of Mothers of Twins Clubs)

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